Family Therapy works in partnership with families to nurture change and development in the family system. In family therapy, the entire family is seen as one unit with each family member's decisions and behavior effecting the other. Families can face a many issues as they change and evolve. Family systems operates on the notion that what affects one member of the family effects the entire family unit. Family therapy helps families to communicate more effectively, to take the focus off of one member and look at the family as a whole.  Families face many issues that may cause them to seek therapy such as adjusting the different developmental stages of children. Blended families, a illness or a loss in the family, drug or alcohol with a family member and violence or abuse. If you are struggling with issues as a family and needs support and guidance family therapy may be a good option for you. Noosha Daha, LMFT has been working with a variety of different families for over 15 years. For a complimentary consultation, please contact  Oaks Counseling Center .