Anxiety Disorder inflicts approximately 40 million Americans. Anxiety can severely quality of life and render many unable to participate in activities they once enjoyed. Anxiety can be a part of other emotional disorders such as depression. Studies have shown that anxiety is caused by both environmental factors as well as physical ones. Anxiety may be caused by changes in the chemistry of the brain, can run in families and can be a combination of both environmental factors and physical factors.  Similar to depression, anxiety can be an indicator that something in your life is not working for you.

 Symptoms of anxiety vary depending on the type of anxiety disorder, but general symptoms include:

Feelings of apprehension or dread


Trouble concentrating


Pounding heart


Stomach upset or dizziness



You don’t have to suffer from anxiety any longer than you already have. Treatments for anxiety disorder have been shown to be highly effective. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a form of psychotherapy which has been shown to reduce or eliminate the symptoms of anxiety. Other forms of therapy can also work in understanding the underline issues that may have caused your symptoms. At times medication (anxiety reducing or anti-depressions) have helped to make drastic improvements in how clients feel. Relaxation techniques, meditation, regular exercise and change in one’s diet are also other forms of treatment for Anxiety.

 Noosha Daha, LMFT has extensive experience working with clients who suffer from anxiety. As the current Clinical Coordinator at Turning Point Intensive Outpatient Program, Noosha Daha, LMFT has implemented a highly effective curriculum to address issues of anxiety. If you feel that you are suffering anxiety, call Oaks Counseling Center for a free consultation.